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ABout Us aims to be the most comprehensive video resource for school students, parents and school counselors to access experienced industry professionals discussing their industry, the careers available, and the relevant degrees and certification needed to enter and work in that field. 


Our 24/7 secure video library is an essential supplemental resource for school counselors to expose students and their parents to the numerous and diverse careers across emerging and growth fields, and lay a roadmap to begin the journey of preparation for that field. Our industry experts are top in their fields and significantly experienced to advise on relevant degree and career paths.  Students can access videos off the website or mobile app, and will be able to keep authenticated account documentation of industry videos watched in our secure student registry to show prospective college admissions staff or employers when seeking internships or job positions.


Our degree and career platform and content has been created by seasoned K12 school educators and counselors, college and corporate career readiness advisors, global industry professionals, and pioneering educational learning technologies developers experienced in bringing safe and productive learning management and edu content to schools worldwide.  The video content library is growing each week, and our goal is to have our industry professionals providing information on over 1000 degrees and careers by October 2022.

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