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Expert:  Andy Zulla

is a record mixerrecord producercomposer and songwriter. Over the last 20 years, Zulla has been part of a diverse collection of projects including mixing major label and independent albums and singles, producing and composing songs and music for television and film, as well as audio for video sound and post production.


He has received a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, and over 20 gold and platinum albums. He has charted No. 1 on many Billboard charts as a mixer and producer, including Hot 100 singles, Top 200 Albums, Top Soundtrack albums, Top Jazz Albums and also an artist / composer on the new age album chart.

He has mixed for many artists including Rod StewartKelly ClarksonJessica SimpsonBackstreet BoysClay AikenKenny GDiana RossMichael BoltonTeddy Geiger and Heather HeadleyAs a composer he has written music for FOXWBMTVSony PicturesMacy's & TargetHe is currently the music producer for the NBC TV show SMASH.

Course: DV101

Film Production

Intro to Television and
Digital Media Production

Exposes students to the television and digital media production industry, and how film and TV works are created.

coming soon

Course: DV102

Professional Sound Mixer

Principles of Sound and Audio Engineering

Students get an inside look on how sound and audio plays a key role in creating good video, 

coming soon

Course: DV103

Video Editing

Intro to Editing

Experts discuss and show editing techniques and discuss tools that pros need to create impactful editing.

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